Look at the World Differently with Pat Yallup

Photo of international artist, Pat Yallup
International Artist, Pat Yallup

As an artist guided solely by her emotions, Pat Yallup is pretty unique. Pat paints the world around her and relies solely on her. Sensitivity to each subject, bringing in her imagination to communicate how she feels and sees the world.

Pat moved back to her roots in England in 1960, and started teaching landscape water colour to a small group.  This grew rapidly so she formed The Sunbury Art Group.  In 1963 she exhibited “The Aesthetic Concept of South Africa” in the Richmond Gallery.  In 1970 she moved to The Forest of Dean and in 1973 opened her own Gallery in Chepstow. She became an entrepreneur, showing and hanging only artists she considered were good value for public consumption.  Initially she only hung one or two of her own work to fill odd spaces.

Exhibitions dating from 1960 have been in London at 8 different venues including the International Contemporary Art Fair at Earls Court, and also at New York International Contemporary Artists Print Fair in 1994.

In 1990 Pat settled in Llandogo, Monmouthshire, converting the old School into a Gallery and Studio.  She is now retired from being an entrepreneur to just working in her studio, holding seminars for small groups of practising artists, where ideas and techniques are exchanged.

Creative Imagination is her style for “Views of Our Time” – an exhibition in the Gallery showing her paintings and poems by John Birch, which have now been published as a book in four chapters: 1. Mood Portraits, 2. Unpredictable Events, 3. Society Tainted with Evil, 4. Love, Hope and Optimism.