‘Views of Our Time’ Exhibition - 2015

‘Views of Our Time’ by Pat Yallup at the Llandogo Gallery.
(Studio No. 27 of Forest Valley Open Studios)

Pat Yallup, 85 years of age, is a resident artist in the beautiful village of Llandogo nestled in the Wye Valley, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. That Wordsworth and Turner took great inspiration from the area is easy to understand when you walk in the majesty and splendour the area offers in abundance. This landscape and that of her country of birth, South Africa, has fired Pat’s imagination, and she creates  untold beauty for those willing to look and see her work.

Pat Yallup herself has lived amidst the beauty of the Wye Valley for the past twenty-five years. A lifetime dedicated to artists and their creations, teaching, inspiring, supporting and promoting her peers, now taking the time to reveal her own creations and her passion in painting.

Views of Our Time’ is an exhibition of 36 original watercolour paintings. Pat invites and encourages you to come and engage with her art using your own creative imagination. ‘Creative Imagination’ is at the heart of Pat’s work. I create and it all comes from my imagination, I sit quietly and think. I imagine a situation and then I put my thoughts on paper. First of all I cover the whole page in water and then I start to think about the situation. I do it all on the spot, imagining and creating at the same time.

This subjective personal view really ignites Pat’s passion for her subject, the thought that no two people see the world in the same way. Encouraging and inspiring people to look and question and engage with what they see.

‘Views of Our Time’ has four themes:
1. Mood Portraits, 
2. Unpredictable World Events,  
3. Society Tainted with Evil, 
4. Love, Hope and Optimism.

Pat studied art aged 18 in Johannesburg, and has spent a lifetime dedicated to art.  She has studied the great artists, created art throughout her life, taught art, run galleries, exhibited her work and that of her peers in South Africa, London and the Wye Valley. A true artist, passionately supporting other artists to express their individual creations.

Pat has collaborated with John Birth, a local poet, who has written pieces to accompany Pat’s art. This unique and inspired collaboration between painter and poet offers a sublime pairing for the senses. A hardback book is available which contains all four themes from the exhibition, or paperback versions are available for each individual theme.